El Shemy, M.A.a, Abdalla, A.O.b, and Fararh, K.M.a


The present study was designed to determine the protective effect of ginger against oxidative damage induced by malathion. Animals were divided into four groups (15 rats per group). Group one was used as a control. Group two was administered 400 mg ginger / kg body weight for 6 weeks. Group three was administered 100 mg malathion/kg body weight. Group four was given ginger for 2 weeks before malathion for 6 weeks. Results revealed that in ginger administered group there was significant increase in the activities of reduced glutathione and glutathione peroxidase in liver homogenate compared to malathion group. Furthermore, there was significant increase in the GSH-PX mRNA expression in liver tissue. Also there was significant increase in the concentration of serum albumin and total protein. On the other hand there was significant decrease in liver MDA, serum ALT and AST. These results revealed that ginger has a strong antioxidant and anti-hepatotoxic effects in rats treated with malathion.

Key words

Anti-hepatotoxic, Antioxidant, Ginger, Malathion, Rat

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